My family and I would love to tell the people who were our sponsors thank you very much. This was the first time we have ever been to anything like this and it truly is a blessing and was a wonderful heart-touching experience during this holiday season. It was extremely overwhelming on the gifts. We did not expect it and extremely grateful.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in this event from the bottom my family’s heart. My kids absolutely loved the Star Wars character surprise and to be honest the kid side of me did as well. I can also share some photos we took at the event and would love to see the photos that the volunteers got as well.

Again, thank you so much and Happy Holidays from the Norris Family to you and all the volunteers and families involved.

Very Respectfully,

Sergeant Norris, Scott E.


I would first like to start by saying thank you so so much for the love you have shared with all of us, and the blessing you and all of the sponsors have been to my wife, my daughter and me. When I was just a simple Seaman (E-3) and only been in Fort Worth for 6 months, fresh from bootcamp, I had a hard time purchasing a washer and dryer, so my family and I were obligated every 3 days or so to go to a commercial laundromat. Thanks to you, we are now safe to our laundry in the safety and comfort of our home.

The gifts we received in 2018 were amazing!! We could not believe such charity and love towards the military! I truly could not believe it! I was expecting a gift or two for my wife and daughter...oh what a surprise!! I wish you could have seen the priceless face and smile on my daughter! That is the love and joy Holiday Heroes provides to those who serve.

Thank you for CARING for us and taking so much of your time to plan this out for soldiers who you do not know, but still you want to see them joyful during the holidays. May God bless you and the sponsors enormously with more than what you have given.

With very much respect and enormous gratitude,

2nd Class Petty Officer

Ortiz, Sergio


My family and I were fortunate enough to be sponsored two years in a row.  I remember coming back from emergency leave from my mother’s burial back in Guam and feeling lost in terms of not wanting to celebrate Christmas.  Kerre gave me a call to come pick up the gifts and I can’t even explain the big relief I was feeling being welcomed into her home to pick up Christmas gifts for my family.  The second year we were sponsored, we were able to attend the Holidays and Heroes event and it still brightens up my heart because my kids remember.  One afternoon we were out shopping for a toy and my son hugged a lady that looked just like Kerre and said thank you for a wonderful Christmas.  You can tell this amazing event has changed the spirit of giving back and my family is forever grateful.

I was very fortunate when I left the Navy back in 2018 to be able to give back to this organization by donating 28 dresses/kids outfit sets from my clothing business that I created solely for the purpose of giving back to my children.  My oldest wanted to donate to them because of how grateful he was for being sponsored two years in a row and how much happiness it made him.  He learned the true value of how to pay it forward and I love that he looks forward to this event every year.

Thanks again for this amazing organization that works so hard year-round to give back to the military and their families.  Being away from home while being stationed in a place where many have no family makes the holidays more enjoyable and memorable.

Much love,

Denise Topasna

USN Veteran 

My dad and I have attended the Holidays and Heroes a few times.

Last year my newborn son came with me and my dad. It was such an amazing experience. Lyn and Linda were our lovely angels who blessed us. They were both so sweet. I still think about themall the time because they were so sweet and inspiring. It even made me cry more than once with how kind they are and their kind words. It was perfect and truly we were chosen by God for them and God chose them for us. I am a young mom, currently 18 years old. They made me feel nothing but glory, there was no judgment, and that is something that truly made the experience even more special. They really showed me I didn’t have to be ashamed and I wasn’t at all with their help. They picked out gifts from their hearts and it made Christmas morning so special as well as the whole day after that. We kept in contact and I sent them pictures of my son with the toys they had given him. I look forward to this year’s Holidays and Heroes event and I pray that everyone has as an amazing experience as we did, not to be embarrassed, and to know that this is YOUR blessing and it is a beautiful thing. Thank you and I pray blessings upon everyone. AMEN.

Hanna Torres

Daughter of Francisco Torres, USAF

Holidays & Heroes, there’s not enough good things I can say about this program. For Christmas the year of 2019 we were beyond blessed by such a generous family. My children were gifted books toys and clothes. My husband got some sweet treats and I was gifted supplies for college that I am still using today. This program gifted us a sense of hope, filled our children with the spirit of giving, provided my family with a sense of peace. The Bodes will forever be thankful.

Ashley Bode, USN

Holidays and Heroes definitely made an impact. The amount of support and care put into the program is amazing. When we walked in, my son was excited to see the gifts he received and all the activities for him to do. It made me feel the family mentality the military gives. I was thankful that my son could have a great experience and an amazing Christmas.

Blake Vest, Air National Guard

Holidays and Heroes Christmas party was an amazing experience for me and my children. My husband had been on deployment for 8 months and it lifted everyone's spirits tremendously. The generosity was indescribable and we are very grateful to the family who sponsored us. It made a rough holiday season much brighter for us all.

Thank you Holidays and Heroes for all that you do.

Abigail Oses, USN

To give you some back story on our life, and how we were able to be selected for this tremendous honor. 2019 was an emotional downhill roller coaster. There were barely any “ups” in the year at all. In 2018, my wife Lacey found out that her mother had colon cancer, and we were supporting her the best that we could while she lived in Oklahoma near Tulsa. I had to deploy with my unit in the first quarter of the year in 2019. After I was in country for one week. My wife got word that her mom is fading fast, and Lacey needed to get up there immediately. So, two kiddos in tow, she loaded up the car bawling, husband on the other side of the world, mother on her deathbed in Oklahoma, and trying to figure out what to do with the funeral arrangements. I get woken up in the middle of the night with news that I am getting Red Cross activated back home to be with my wife. Within 42 hours, I landed at DFW International and was on my way to Tulsa to meet up with my wife. Lacey’s mother passed away 20 days later. Then, her family started fighting each other and it was nasty. Lacey was shutout of her own family and was expected to pay for all costs. From June until November every single free weekend we would have to rent a Uhaul and go to the new storage unit that we found had Lacey mom’s things inside. We would stay in hotels, load the units up, eat fast food and paid out the storage unit the unpaid rent. All awhile traveling with these precious little girls. Some days where so dark that I didn’t know how to show my love to my wife. Lacey was beaten by it all. Our finances were beaten by it all. We had not been thinking about Christmas until our last storage unit run. We started noticing billboards along the road with Santa on them. We had no money. Our mortgage was already a month late, and as we pull into December both of our two cars stop working. One car is going to be $953.56 to fix and the other will be $632.00. That is one of my complete paychecks. We were blessed by a church member to lend us his truck for free while we had no running cars at the time. I was overjoyed when I was told that Christmas was coming for my daughters, by people that love my family and myself. Holidays and Heroes was the thing that this family desperately needed to plant a flag that right here is where it will all grow brighter again, day by day. Holidays & Heroes meant we could relax, for once this horrible year, we could enjoy each other. We could see the kids’ faces on Christmas with tears in our eyes of the thankfulness of the beautiful family that will forever mean the world to Lacey and I. I love them so much. I am in tears now as I am typing. Thank you Holidays & Heroes for what you did for us in 2019. I will never be able to truly express what this 501c3 company means to the Bannon family, or how much of an impact that it had on Lacey, Grace, Kate and myself that year. God is great! God is good!

Drew Alexander Bannon

Staff Sgt. U.S. Air Force Reserves

The Holidays & Heroes program was an amazing experience for me and my family. The kids all had a great time there. Our sponsors were selfless and polite. It was surreal to have people that genuinely wanted to help us out for the holidays and just wanted to see my family happy. We will never forget our sponsors and the experience we had at Holidays & Heroes.  I hope more of our military gets to be a part of it as well.

Jesus Salcido, USN

Holidays & Heroes organization came through for us when we had the worst year of our life. My wife passed away in 2019.  Through our 16 years of marriage, she handled all the Christmas gifts and decorations. Needless to say I was not prepared for Christmas 2019.

Holidays & Heroes gave my daughters some joy even if just for the evening.

We are grateful such an organization exists with many caring people with huge hearts, such as Kerre and all the donors.

Mark Esparza

Reservist, Air National Guard

Holidays and Heroes did so much for our family last year. We went through a tragic unexpected loss in our family and the holidays didn’t feel very “holiday- like” until we attended this event that supervision recommended to us. The amount of love and caring and kindness shown to us at the event was great. No one was left out of anything and it felt like a massive family get together.

Thank you guys so much! This past year was so hard on us, but you guys took a load off of our chests and made sure we were taken care of.

Love, The Nash Family


Holidays & Heroes was an event which significantly assisted my family during a difficult time. 

We enjoyed the activities and food provided for this event! 

Most of all, we are still extremely grateful for the gifts our sponsors Fred Parker Company Inc provided for my son. 

Thank you again Holidays & Heroes! 

-The Scognamillo’s

Holidays & Heroes 2019 was an outstanding, remarkable event for military members and their families. 

This was our first time being able to be apart of something this amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I am so thankful for everyone who helped out and that my daughter got to have a great experience and an amazing Christmas. The amount of support and care put into the program is amazing.This event really was meaningful for my daughter and I. It was truly a blessing and touched our hearts so much in the holiday season. 

I want to thank everyone who helped and participated in any kind of way and the Tierney Family for being sooo great to us. Also grateful that an event like this was made possible for people serving for our country with some many caring people with wonderful hearts.

-Heaven Hart

Holidays and Heroes

P.O. Box 10086

River Oaks, Texas 76114


Instagram @holidaysandheroesfw